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TuneGet is a break-through tool that finds and downloads any music in 2 clicks for free.
No hidden subscription fees.

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TuneGet Features
Find and download as many songs as your hard drive can hold using TuneGet. Enter the world of music with this powerful tool conveniently from your desktop. With TuneGet your world of music will never be the same. It's a one of a kind solution that gives you direct music downloads in seconds and without limits. Both the search and the download functions are lightning fast, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your music. The music database is unbelievably large. Not only it contains music from virtually any music genre, but it also offers an array from the most popular artists to the unknown promising ones. Use TuneGet to build your free music library, to discover new music and to get an ultimate fix to your musical desires. Download the Free Trial now and never look back!

How to download music from itunes

TuneGet is a break-through tool that finds and downloads any music in 2 clicks for free.
No hidden subscription fees. Get easy and quick downloads of any song from a huge database only at the cost of the program.

System requirements
Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64
Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64
Windows XP SP2 or higher
Windows 2003
Key Benefits:
  • An easy two-click solution to search and download free music
  • User friendly interface and fast performance
  • Downloading music conveniently from the desktop, without going online
  • Download entire albums legally
  • Find music easily even when you don't remember the artist or title exactly
  • Find and download music you only heard briefly by typing in a few words from the lyrics
  • Embrace the whole world of music only for the price of a program!

Product Updates

Dear Customers! In order to provide you with better quality software experience we now offer paid major updates. This kind of paid major updates concerns new developments, added features that improve/change functionality of the program. Please note that minor program updates are still available for free of charge.

How to distinguish a paid major update from a free minor update? A major program update has a unique first number in the program version numbers assigned, e.g. SoundTaxi 3.4.8 differs from SoundTaxi 4.4.8, because the latter program version is a major update. A minor update version can be recognized by two numbers that follow the first number in the version name, e.g. SoundTaxi 4.4.8 and SoundTaxi 4.4.9 are minor updates, which are available for free to all customers.

TuneGet user interface was built for intuitive use and fast performance. Your search results will come back within seconds. Song downloads are just as fast, in fact you can legally download entire albums within just a few minutes! No more need to search for music on the internet. The doorway to the entire music world is now on your desktop in the form of TuneGet.
Additionally, TuneGet gives you breathtaking search features like finding songs you don't even know the title for. Find all the songs by a specific artist. You can find and download songs when you only know a part of the lyrics!
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